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    Milford Real Estate

    Milford began as a village in 1832 when their first sawmill began. Interesting to note is that Milford was one of the first communities in the area to have electric lights in 1892 by use of hydropower. Some other surrounding areas didn’t get electric lights until the 1930’s!   So Milford has been innovative from the start! The population today is around 6,300 and the Village is a central business district for around 25,000 people of surrounding areas. Milford is located in Southwest Oakland County and is an attraction for many of the Detroit Metropolitan area’s cities to visit for fine dining, shopping, it’s beautiful parks, the YMCA, Camp Dearborn, and an elaborate trail that goes from Commerce Road to Kensington Park.   Milford’s most notable park is Central Park which is on the Huron River and has a playground, basketball courts, a tennis court, a volleyball court, and in the winter an ice rink! There is also a Senior Center near Fairgrounds Park, and the YMCA is located by Pond Park, along with the library. Milford is accessible to I-96 and M 59 and is good commute to industry in the Greater Detroit Area. Milford is hilly and beautiful with many homes surrounded by hardwood forests and the downtown homes are well maintained and charming, some with notable Victorian beauty to them. If you want to see homes in the desirable village of Milford, please don’t hesitate to call us!