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    Howell Real Estate


    The city of Howell is the county seat of Livingston County. It was named so on March 24th, 1836. Something we find interesting is that Brighton had a large group opposing this, and refused to recognize Howell as the county seat until 12 years later when the official buildings were erected.

    You can still see the history in the town’s various buildings’ architecture and in the beauty of the updated, older historical looking homes. The history is preserved in this town so that you feel it when you are standing in the midst of the town looking around. The history is there, yet the town is so alive, and thriving, and just gorgeous! These buildings are maintained beautifully and are the notable piece of the town’s charm.

    Downtown Howell more and more over the past decade has had a boom of fine dining, boutiques, coffee shops, a brewery, and more. The area is now an attraction for the people of Livingston County to go to for entertainment and fun. Known, for the Howell Melon Fest, Howell Melon Fest, Howell Balloon Fest, Howell puts on quite the variety of festivals and events in the summer. In 2018, Howell was one of 3 Great American Main Street Award Winners, and it’s truly a well deserved award. To live in Howell’s downtown, would be lovely, and if you still want that county living, Howell has those areas too that have an untouched country feel and surroundings. Howell’s main highways and roads are D-19, I 96, and M59 making it a convenient area to live and work in the metropolitan Detroit areas.