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Finding Your Dream Neighborhood!

Finding Your Dream Neighborhood!

Finding your dream neighborhood can be so much fun!

With that being said, there are things to consider when not just looking for a home, but looking for a neighborhood that suits you and your loved ones as best as can be!

Some things you can take into consideration when looking for your dream neighborhood that might help narrow down your search are the following:

Are you moving to have your child in a neighborhood with proximity to great schools?

Do you yearn for a better commute?

Does walkability matter to you?  (Walkability meaning you can walk to downtown, or possibly close to park trails.)

Are you a runner?  Is it a good location to run right out your front door?

Or a mountain biker?  Where is the nearest park with trails?

Our website has widgets (accessible via laptop not cellular) worked into it where you can search schools and their ratings in Livingston County and Walkability Score.  Also, we have Top Area Neighborhoods in Livingston County info, and more!  Be sure to check it out and pass it on to friends and family!

We wish you and your loved ones well on your home buying and selling ventures when you next embark on it, and The Mulvihill Group is here for you any time to be your friendly realtor advisor!!!  Don’t hesitate to reach out!  Each member of The Mulvihill Group has lived in Livingston County over 30 years, so we are experts of this area!

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