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Brighton Schools

Here in Livingston County alone there are a lot of schools to choose from compared to back in the day when it was just public or maybe one private school available in a town.  Now with school of choice and charter schools popping up all over along with a variety of private schools to choose from it would be too in depth of a blog to write about the whole county at once.  So we are going to start with Brighton as it is where we have lived for over 30 years and our largest percentage of business comes from.  We do have a widget on our website called Great Schools.  Each Community that you click on that widget will be there to see the schools available and their ratings.  For those that are not tech savy we thought we would at least lay it all out in this blog for Brighton and if we get any requests for other communities we will add a blog based on those specifically.  The larger districts in the area in addition to Brighton Area Schools are the following: Hartland Consolidated Schools, Fowlerville, Howell Public Schools,  and Pinckney Community Schools.

In Brighton we have many exemplary schools.  While making this choice is very personal it can also be difficult to navigate when moving into a new area.

Starting with the public schools in Brighton, Brighton Area Schools district enrollment has approximately 6,000 students grades junior kindergarten through grade 12.  There are 8 public schools, 2 being Michigan Reward Schools.  (Accreditation AdvancED April 2015)  Programming is general education, college prep vocational, dual enrollment opportunities via Washtenaw Community College and U of M Flint.  Something unique to Brighton is BAS employs therapy dogs to support positive student behavior and achievement.  These social / emotional dogs assist both teachers and students.  The therapy dogs jobs are to support students that feel angry, are bullied, bully others, or have behavioral problems, to helping students that feel anxious, sad, or upset while in school.  The dogs are there to help the children feel better and feel safe when having a hard day.  Brighton schools are very proud of their dogs and feel they add so much value and heart to the school system.


We used Great Schools to get our ratings and the stars are based on reviews.  Great Schools didn’t rate private or charter but there are star reviews from the public for those.

Spencer Road Elementary – Kindergarten through 4th grade.  Currently Spencer is the only public school in Brighton with half day kindergarten.

Rating 8; 5 Star

Hilton Road Elementary – Kindergarten through 4th grade

Rating 9; 3 Star

Hornung Elementary School – Kindergarten through 4th grade

Rating 9; 4 Star

Hawkins Elementary School – Kindergarten through 4th grade

Rating 8; 3 Star

Maltby Intermediate School – 5th through 6th grade

Rating 7; 5 Star

Scranton Middle School – 7th through 8th grade

Rating 6; 3 Star

Brighton High School – 9th through 12th grade (Dual enrollment opportunities via Washtenaw Community College & U of M Flint)

Rating 10; 4 Star

Bridge Alternative High School (Public District) – 7th through 12th grade.

5 Star

Saint Patrick School – Pre-  kindergarten  through 8th grade

4 Star

Cornerstone Christian School – Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade

5 Stars

Holy Spirit Catholic School – Kindergarten through 8th grade

5 Star

Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School – Pre – kindergarten through 8th grade

4 Stars

Tri – Lakes Baptist Christian School – Kindergarten through 5th grade

No Star Rating

Charyl Stockwell Academy – grades 6 – 12

Rating 7; 3 Stars

WSC Academy – Brighton Campus – public charter – 9th – 12th grade

4 Stars

We hope you find this blog valuable and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.  We have teacher friends in the community and connections with the schools so we can get you an answer quickly when needed!  We know that when you move to a new area, if you have children, schools are a big part of your real estate decision making process.  We’ve got it covered and are here to help!


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