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    Brighton, Michigan Booming With Luxury Homes!

    Brighton, Michigan once had a very small town feel and has changed leaps and bounds.  Christina’s family home that she resides in to this day was built in 1970.  Dan & Kathie Mulvihill built their home in Brighton in 1984 where Danny & Kari spent their childhood and Dan & Kathie still live in today.  Kari now lives in downtown Brighton.  So The Mulvihill Group has been around a while to see how much Brighton has changed.

    Brighton was once home to only small mom and pop stores and restaurants with very few chains if any at all in the 70’s and early 80’s.  There were plenty of dirt roads, massive forests, and few stop lights.  Brighton has really boomed in the late 90’s and thereafter.  Now we have mini malls, big chain stores, a ton of restaurants, and an upscale downtown feel with boutiques and fine dining, annnnnnd a little bit of traffic 😉

    In regards to real estate, the substantial change is the amount of luxury homes in the town.  The old Brighton was home to smaller middle class neighborhoods and one golf country club subdivision as Brighton’s finest.  Today’s Brighton is now home to numerous luxury home subdivisions, and quite a few gated communities. Prices are ranging in those neighborhoods from the mid 400,000 for a condo to over a million dollars for the finest luxury homes, many of which are on water.

    Brighton is now a desirable location for executives and business owners to live a life of luxury not far from the office. You can live beautifully with everything you can ask for from a small but modern town as there really is a lot to do here now.  Many fitness clubs have opened from yoga to boxing, 24 hour gyms, a huge sports complex for kids, fine dining and shopping, and there is a fun and energetic night life scene downtown. There are also various kinds of doctors from traditional Western Medicine, Chiropractors, to Holistic Integrative Practitioners.   The schools are rated very high in the area and it is currently school of choice here.  With all this growth, Brighton still maintains their parks and natural settings that many of the homes are nestled right inside of.

    If you are looking to move into an area that has high end luxury homes, plenty to do, but with a small town feel and a natural setting, the Brighton area is one of the hottest places to live in Southeastern Michigan if you ask us!

    Check out one of The Mulvihill Group’s current luxury home listings on the links below.  One link is to see the listing on our website, and the other is to Luxury Portfolio’s website where we also market luxury homes listed with The Mulvihill Group.


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